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Brooklands Hunting Safaris Brooklands Hunting Safaris

Brooklands Hunting Safaris Brooklands Hunting Safaris

Brooklands Hunting Safaris Brooklands Hunting Safaris

General Information

It is recommended that a course of malaria prophylactics is taken for at least two weeks prior, during and for one month after the Safari. Medical aid kits are available in every camp, but one should bring any specialized or personal medications.

Malaria tablets and re-hydration salts are the only medication we advise you to bring. For Malaria, start your course 2 weeks before entering the country, or as prescribed by your doctor or drug manufacturer. Tell your doctor which areas in Zimbabwe you intend visiting.

Other immunizations are not required although Tetanus is recommended.

Visa Requirements
Citizens of most countries are required to obtain a visa to enter into Zimbabwe. These can be obtained for US$30.00 at the airport or border crossing on the day of your arrival. However, we recommend you obtain your visa in advance to avoid unnecessary frustration and delay. 


Brooklands makes anti-poaching a critical part of it's management operations with personnel & vehicles assigned to carrying out necessary requirements.

Brooklands are committed to maintaining a long tradition of ethical hunting and not merely providing opportunity for indiscriminate killing of animals. Hunting plays a crucial role in conserving areas of Zimbabwe's wilderness and the wildlife that lives there. However, it will only be able to continue to do so if hunting is conducted in a responsible and ethical manner. All of our Professional Hunters and Safari clients are party to this responsibility.    

Please advise us of any preferences or special needs you (or any of the party coming with you) may have on the safari concerning food, allergies, medical conditions or anything else you may think pertinent.
You will need to be reasonably fit, capable of carrying your own firearm and willing to walk to seek your intended trophy. We ask you to accept the judgment of your Professional Hunter when it comes to Trophy quality. Not every male specimen you encounter will be of trophy quality and you should be prepared for this possibility.

Our guarantee is to endeavor to provide you opportunities to shoot top quality Trophies in a fair and sportsman-like manner.